I will keep it simple

I will keep it simple-
For I know of
No other way.
‘I love you.’
There is nothing more, I think,
That I need to say.
You are my world,
You are my life, what more
Can I say?
Not today, maybe not in this life,
But you will surely hear of my love,
My hopes, desires and despair- I am left
Only with these now – please accept
This bouquet.
Do keep setting your cruel tests-
I am sure I will pass them
One day.
Love me or hurt me, to me
It is all the same- just do not think
Of going away.
Do not worry, the wounds that you give
Are well hidden- only the smile
Shall be on display.
All my roads lead to your door-
I do not need to ask,
For my way.
I will keep it simple-
For there is
No other way.

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