A poet’s evening

You scribble on the paper
Then crumple it
And tear it
And then throw it.
The words form on the paper
Only to mock
And blur
And dissolve.
The poem, still half written
Begins to accuse
And to plead
And then gives up.
There is anger in the poem
And some understanding
And some guilt
And resignation.
Your poem is angry, passionate
But without rhyme
Or melody
Or meaning.
The poem is put on paper
Not to be posted
Or to be kept near
Or read.
How shall you put the poem on paper
When the heart has no will
And the hands no power
Or courage?
There is no one here to listen
To your poems
And to get angry
Or sad.
Leave the poem unwritten,
In revenge.
Your poems concern no-one –
Then why do you shred the paper
With such menace
Into such small pieces?

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