The funny old man

The frail old man sat silent, serene
Under the peepal tree,
He had a flowing beard and a long robe
He looked happy and free.
His patient smile and his quiet voice
Intrigued the passer-bys,
“He is a saint, or a madman,”
They said, perplexed, and sighed.
His stories were strange and wonderful-
“I have felt infinity,
It shocks like electricity. But I feel the present
Is only half as good as eternity.”
That made the children laugh,
But it made the dads mad.
“Do not go near that nutcase,”
They said, and glared.
From that time, the old man was left alone
The old man was left in peace;
The children did not go anywhere near him
As per their dads’ decree.
But it was the moms, who stole away in the night
To give him clothes and food;
They touched his feet, and listened to his tales
They felt light and good.
The women never argued with their men
When they called him a fraud;
They cooked and cleaned and smiled
And thought secretly about God.

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