Spring cleaning

The other day
I made an inventory
Of all that i have,
And of things
That can be discarded.
I have lost
(I found)
Most of my memories.
The useless clutter
It seems
Has pushed out
My entire childhood.
Only some fading
Sepia snaps
With mom and dad
As i tried to access
The inner recess
Of the heart,
(I found)
Amidst the cobwebs,
The darkness and the stench
Of old clothes,
Some broken toys,
A rusting scooter,
Yellowing textbooks,
Some loose sheets
Scribbled with poems
And an old album
With photos
Ruined by moisture
And neglect.
For a while
I struggled with the junk.
I sifted through
The passwords,
The dates for filing
The forms, the brochures
For the next home,
The next car, the next holidays,
Birthday dates
Of many acquaintances
Their calling cards,
Memories of evenings
Spent in futile parties,
The false smiles, the
Bitching, the frustrations,
And lots of pride
Over manipulated
This calls for
Some serious
Spring cleaning!
I shall throw out
(I decided)
The useless desires,
The worthless goalposts
The hates, the jealousies,
The anger, the grievances,
And the expectations
That i have collected
Over the years.
Is it too late
(I wonder)
To restore the old photos,
To bring back
The innocence
Of the carefree afternoons
And the rowdy evenings?
Or are the memories
Of the summers spent
Under the peepal tree,
Of the winters
Spent shivering under
The thick blankets,
Lost forever?

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