Of trials and judgments

Do not prepare your defense
You are already condemned.
Your friends shall not testify-
They are the jury.
There shall be a trial,
And there shall be witnesses;
But you will know the judgment
Before the trial begins.
Honesty, loyalty, dignity, courage,
Shall not be enough.
These qualities shall not matter
Once the trial begins.
Do not raise your hopes
There shall be no escape-
Just look at the familiar faces
Lined up against you.
Do not mind if you lose
Do not resent the punishment;
Think of the joy your friends will have
In your defeat.
Why worry on being condemned
For crimes you never committed?
The judges only follow the laws
That you never believed in.
Let not the trial reach your soul,
Do not condemn yourself;
You will only be defeated
When you doubt yourself.
You have only seen the world
With your eyes, with your heart.
To see what lurks beyond the smiles,
Let the trial begin.
You did not lynch the innocents
You did not loot with the crowds;
What justice do you expect
From these criminals?
Do not grieve for the friends you lose
Do not hate them when they accuse-
That you misjudged them all your life,
Is not their fault.
Do not be reassured by the smiles
Of your friends; prepare for the time
When the masks are off,
When the trial begins.
Do not worry about the verdict.
Nothing in the judgment can be worse
Than those moist eyes,
That averted gaze.
Those whom you stood for,
Shall not come to the trial.
The ones you spent your life saving,
Are busy.
Why are you amazed
At the lies that you hear?
What else did you expect,
From those you loved?
It is best that the few
Who love you, do not speak.
The world shall not like
Their love for you.
Those who want to speak for you
Shall not be allowed to testify.
They too shall stand accused,
Once the trial beings.
Every day shall be a trail
Every glance shall judge;
Be prepared for punishments
On the path of love.
The crowd that has come to see
The spectacle of your trial
Has returned from an execution-
And thirsts for more.

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