Limericks written in the classroom

I suddenly found an old notebook
that had a set of limericks scribbled on the last few pages. They were written in the classroom and thus have that gloomy charm. Have a look.
Superior minds, who know of games that time plays
Have explained its working in many ways
What they need to explain
In language plain
Is, ‘Why in classes, hours seem like days?’
We had a lecture from Mr Banker
A railway man, a top ranker
He kept the class awake
Without using a stake –
He only used a small water tanker.
There was this nice girl, quiet and full of care
Who looked innocent, and had qualities rare
But she had a fear
That others might hear
Her secret thoughts, and get a terrible scare.
We had language, conflict, management, law,
Banker, Jha, Dholakia, James we saw –
We were troubled
We fidgeted, we snored
Words can scarcely describe our sorrow.
Precious pearls of wisdom on matters of fundamental importance
Weighty issues involving rights, obligations and conscience
One professor
Fifty wise men
Meet to produce, on the balance, a lot of verbal inconsequence.
The professor, lover of natural justice, was furious against bias
‘Audi alteram partem’, he declared from the dais.
The fifty prisoners bound
Sat like caged hounds
(Seething at the hypocrisy), with expressions suitably pious.
Whispering on the left, provocation on the right
Professor upfront, shouting with all his might
And between this grind
The thinking mind
Focuses vaguely, on the possibility of flight.
From colleagues in class we expect sympathy
A few jokes, maybe a soothing lullaby
But what we get, is a rude shake
To keep us awake
That is what I call gross insensitivity.
For these limericks, there is a declaration
They are not meant to cause provocation;
To the few people
Who are capable
At laughing at themselves, I submit for consideration.

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3 responses to “Limericks written in the classroom

  • V.B. Arora

    Good yaar! So you were a poet even when a student ! 🙂 🙂 In fact, many of us are but most don’t sustain it for long! Good that you have nurtured the hobby and now you can produce poems almost at will! 🙂
    V.B. Arora

  • Onkar

    Abhishek, it was such a great pleasure to read these limericks. Please write more of them. They are so spontaneous and so refreshing.

    • Abhishek

      Thank you sir. I will certainly try and write more limericks…I used to write them in college days but have not tried them since. This blog has driven me back to writing and I am enjoying myself too. I am thankful that you and Aroraji are taking interest in them.

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