Waiting for the Avatar

It is time He kept His promise
To save the world from itself;
We are tired of the imposters –
We are ready, once again, to believe.
With cruelty and indifference
Ruling the world, surely the time has come.
Will He give a sign to a chosen few,
Or is He already among us?
Will he be the King, or will he don
The tattered robes of a beggar?
Where will be His Bethlehem
His Mathura, His Ayodhya this time?
Will He come as the destroyer?
Will He open His third eye to end the world
So that a new one can be born?
Are we really beyond redemption?
Or will He be the beautiful one
With a flute? Calm and charming,
Will He quell, with a smile,
The rage in the hearts of men?
Will He be one of us – just like us,
And show us the way to live?
Will He come to reveal, once again,
The beauty that lies within us?

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