Shakespeare and the monkeys

I am one of the million monkeys
Hammering away at the keyboard,
Trying to produce another Shakespeare.
(I wonder how the monkeys did it
The last time; with pen and ink pots,
They must have made quite a mess! )
Tapping away feverishly
About love, life and rage- I hope
It will another Shakespeare make.
(How did the monkeys of yore
Know so much about mankind?
I suspect the hand of a traitor! )
Do not belittle us monkeys on Twitter.
Though we make no sense now,
There are gems hidden in our chatter.
(I know the recipe – mix Othello’s jealousy,
Shylock’s greed and Romeo’s love, and add
The super-confidence of the monkeys! )
We smart monkeys of today, shall not
Create another Hamlet- we do not
Know the meaning of indecision.
(I do find the idea somewhat strange,
When I come to think of it,
That monkeys did not write about monkeys?)
I know a lot about monkeys
And I know a lot about men –
Let’s see what this one turns out to be on.
(Some people say Shakespeare was actually
Sir Francis Bacon. I have a suspicion
They now think that Bacon was a monkey! )
I wonder how many taps its shall take,
How many centuries, before we hit upon
“The world’s a stage….” once again.
(Did the monkeys write the sonnets too?
I wonder whether they could appreciate
The beauty of love expressed therein?)
One should ask the monkeys of today
To keep tapping randomly. We cannot
Produce another Shakespeare consciously.
(I wonder how the monkeys
Got the people to read their stuff?
It is so difficult to get readers now-a-days! )

(The poet. Illustrations are from the net)


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