Let’s try something stupid, for once

Let our offices have no doors.
Let it be a free for all; let people
Just walk in for tea or gossip.
The sanitized, air-conditioned offices
The multi-national air, the aura of a CEO
Sits ill on our leaders.
Let us reclaim the areas
Where our leaders sit,
As public places. Let us do away
With the guards and the red-lights
Along with the doors.
Let no one bar our entrance.
Let the world laugh at us
As we hold offices under the trees
(In local dialects, with cheap stationary.)
Let us frame stupid policies;
Let us hear out the village bumpkins.
Let us shock ourselves with sanity.
We always remember Gandhi
When everything else fails –
The poor pick up the guns
When the last door is slammed shut.
Let us ban all doors –
Let us try democracy, for once.

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