I have been keeping a watch
On my friend, Time, for some time now.
He is a sly customer; he is not
As straightforward as he seems.
The last time I was in trouble,
He stood by me, posing as a friend.
He hung around, and stopped all his work,
His drooping head added to the gloom.
It is when I am happy, I notice,
That he flies away. He is always busy
With his work, and before I know it,
The good times are past.
I made enquires about time, and
As I said, observed him quietly.
He is the one who rules the world
From behind the shadows.
The defeated Pharaohs and the Czars
Vouch for the power of his armies.
Do not get taken in by his friendly smiles
His rule is merciless, his authority supreme.
Time, the judge, is a great leveler,
The tyrants, the emperors, the masters
Grovel before him like commoners.
Even the sun and the moon obey his rule.
Time is a strict disciplinarian –
He regiments all life, and doles out
Happiness and grief, success and loss
At his whim, at his pleasure.
Time is a thief, a kleptomaniac!
I make this serious charge responsibly.
He steals anything that he likes –
Our dreams, memories and innocence.
He can be unfeeling, cruel –
He has no remorse for the beggar
The rag-picker, or the old man,
Who wishes to see his son, one last time.
Do not judge Time, looking
At the grandfather clock or the Rolex.
We can never measure Time
With our watches and our clocks.

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