The morning

The sweet dew
On the soft petals,
The faint smell
Of the morning;
The chirping
The fluttering –
Briefly, time stops to pray
Once again.
The orange color
On the silvery clouds,
The lazy dawn
Smiling at the hills;
The stream giggles
The breeze rustles –
Nature smiles at the mirror
Once again.
The sheep graze
On the lush grass,
The shepherd boy
Sleeps some more;
The mooing
The neighing –
World forgets its cares
Once again.
The mist hangs
On the treetops,
Where the monkeys
Chatter idiotically;
The cat sleeps
The lady sweeps –
Hope floats in the air
Once again.
The small temple wakes
To the tingling of bells,
As the happy priest
Takes a holy dip;
The subdued chanting
The crows crowing –
All bow to the smiling deity
Once again.
The curvy dusty lane
Looks expectantly
At the wicket gate,
For the children to come
Hopping, skipping,
Laughing, playing –
The world is young
Once again.
The last few stars
Are dimmed, and
The fading moon
Treks slowly across sky.
The peacock’s shrill cries
Brings ecstasy, brings harmony –
And our faith is renewed
Once again.

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