Publishing ‘Disclaimers’ must be made mandatory with cartoons, jokes

“These fellows have taken the freedom of speech business too far. Reasonable restrictions must be put into place at once or else irreparable damage shall be done to my reputation..I mean, to the reputation of our institutions,” thundered the Great One. I agree.

The other day I posted this cartoon (somewhere) and was slapped with a legal notice from Antartica (I cannot post the caption with this cartoon, as it has been restricted through a legal injunction – if that is the word).

I therefore propose a set of disclaimers and undertakings that should be published with every cartoon and joke, and not in very fine print. The disclaimers shall help the cartoonists and the jokers (is that the word for the writers of jokes?) in avoiding un-necessary legal hassles.

1. This content in no way depicts or refers to any human being, animal or alien, living or dead.
2. This content is inspired by or refers to no news or information, current or historical.
3. This content is a work of fiction and has no resemblance to reality by any stretch of anybody’s reasonable imagination.
4. This content does not intend to inform, hurt, malign, annoy, rile or irritate holders of any office or opinion.
5. This content does not target any personnel or belief of any religion or sect.
6. The creator of this content is deeply apologetic of any inconvenience or discomfort caused unintentionally, and despite all the care taken to avoid the same.
7. The creator of this content submits his/her humble and un-reserved apology for any real or imagined slight.

As a sample I am posting my next cartoon here with all the disclaimers. Kindly notice that all effort has been made to avoid hurting anyone’s sensibilities. Humor does get somewhat compromised, but then, you win some, you lose some.

One cannot be sure that we have covered all the legal aspects of the matter. I think we should refer this draft to a lawyer for his comments. Meanwhile, feel free to add to it.



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2 responses to “Publishing ‘Disclaimers’ must be made mandatory with cartoons, jokes

  • V.B. Arora

    Will I be dubbed an alarmist if say that your ‘disclaimers’ may soon become reality – going by the way West Bengal police is still after the person who put Mamata cartoons on facebook. Very well written piece – I only wish that the better sense prevails and this piece stays in the ‘Humour’ category only. (And does not become a predictive writing !!)
    V.B. Arora

    • Abhishek

      Well said. Amen. I too am disturbed on the trends. The only hope lies in the fact that Indian society is apt to react sharply to the infringement of basic rights.

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