Thousands of competing desires,
Small and big, clamour,
Choking us, dragging us
In all directions. Helpless,
We toss about on the turbulent seas.
Sometimes it is love, at others,
It is a dream that we chase.
Rarely is there a satisfaction,
Or the calmness that comes
On reaching the destination, the goal.
Hallucinating, full of delusions-
We live in a state of desire.
Always wanting, always hankering
For things just out of reach-
Fretting for the unattainable, the unachievable.
We want the world, the power,
The chimera, the dreams.
The thing that we don’t need, it seems,
Is knowledge of the self, power
Over our desires, control over our self.
We run around in circles,
Yearning for the illusive glory.
We cannot hear the happiness
In the song of the thrush –
That is beyond our reach, our comprehension.

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