Stories should never end

Did the author run out of ideas, or ink
Or of paper? O why did he end the book?
I really hate it, when a book ends
Sometimes halfway, sometimes for no reason at all.
One book I know, ended just because
The hero died and the war had ended !
That’s no excuse to end a book. I want to know
What happened to the poor heroine?
And did she cope well with her loss?
Another one, I remember, was going great,
(The hero had just married the heroine)
When the author, the lazy waster, decided
That that was it ! Now as everyone knows,
Real fun starts after marriage, and anyway,
Having come to know the couple so well,
It is sickening to suddenly remove them from our lives.
Don’t get taken in by the thickness of a book-
War and Peace or Gone with the Wind –
They are all the same, they flatter to deceive.
Now small children are honest storytellers. Their stories
Go on and on and on, and people and animals
Keep coming and going into them, freely,
And, like in life, there is no silly ending in them.
The story of the wily old fox, who lives
Near the farm (and wants to eat the lambs)
Has entered its fifth year. I do not mind
That over the years, he has managed
To kill not a single lamb, and yet he is
Not discouraged. The farmer, the fat lamb,
The tiger who is too lazy to hunt,
The poacher, the circus man, the teacher,
The astronaut, who is chased by the aliens,
Are just as close to my heart now
As my own kid.
Now that is how a story should be told.
Like life, the stories should never have an end.
I hope the lazy authors
Would take note of this serious matter,
And make amends.

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