Looking back at our times

Many Ozymandias came and went
Having built their castles on sand.
They lived and dreamed of defying time
But little records remain, of those times.
Teeming humanity lived like ants
In packed cities, lifting huge loads,
Following leaders, building shiny roads
That moved in circles, but reached nowhere.
The barbed wires that stretch for miles,
Piles of junk, the shiny metals in the vaults
Are the only artifacts that are now left
For the newer civilizations to decipher.
The glittering yachts, the shiny jets,
The props in the mating dance, now rusting,
Are kept in the museums, for the amusement
Of the kids, for the students of anthropology.
Only the brutality, the mass graves
The army barracks, the trenches –
And the ego trips that destroyed it all –
Are recorded in the books of history.

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