That evening, long ago

The smoke had hung in the air
Menacingly, like an assassin
Waiting in a lonely alley, brooding,
Unfriendly, silent, unmoving.
Time had moved slowly, like the pendulum
Of the grandfather’s clock.
It seemed we were stuck
In an evening that would never end.
It was the innocent old chair, the fat book,
The cot, the walking stick, and the sandals
That waited for him still, hoping
That he would come to fill the emptiness.
There were many in that empty room,
But no words were spoken, not a tear shed –
Grief did not bring anyone together. Each
Lived his agony, each searched for a meaning, alone.
The sullen smoke dissipated later,
Strangers occupied his room.
But no one remembers what happened
To his chair, his stick or his sandals.

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One response to “That evening, long ago

  • Vibhu

    Cerebral stuff! I will have to deploy all my resources to fully enjoy the work. I loved the line “Grief did not bring anyone together” and also partly, “the smoke had hung in the air” – I would rather change “like the assassin”! But again, as I said earlier, I need to absorb it gradually.
    V.B. Arora

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