A nursery rhyme…that makes no sense

Why should one and two
Buckle the shoe?
They are the best –
They passed all the test,
And still you give them
A task so beneath them?
Why don’t you let in three and four
Who have been knocking at the door?
It is quite chilly outside
They may catch cold, and beside
They have turned all blue
And will catch a dreadful flu.
My heart goes to the poor five and six
Who were sent to pick up the sticks
I think, with your care and devotion
And a little bit of attention
They will surely start to do well
Their grades will improve, they will swell.
But it was seven and eight
Who were just asked to lay them straight
That were such a disappointment;
Their work was crooked and bent
And causes such resentment,
That out of the decimal system they were sent!
However it was rude to compare nine and ten
To a really big fat hen.
They do like to eat
And never miss a treat
And bulge a little at the waist
But still, it was a comment in poor taste.

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