Waiting for the new dawn

Now that even the wise are compromised
Into silence, and the innocents walk
To their doom without resistance,
Now that the voices of the sane is drowned
And the vulgar, with their witty sarcasms
Claim the high position of culture,
Now that night has finally encroached
On the domain of the day, unopposed,
Unchallenged, unchecked,
It is the time to wait.
Now is the time to quietly hope and pray
That the birds shall sing again one day
That there shall be another avatar
To end this world and do the cleaning
And finally rid us of this never ending evening.
Now is the time to wait for the storm
That shall disperse the clouds of gloom,
And send the goons, lurking in the shadows
Back into their hideous hideouts,
And the armies back into the barracks.
Now is the time to wait with bated breath
For the night of the bloodbath
For the blood-red dawn.

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