Chasing the mirages

I am an expert at chasing the mirages –
I have been chasing them all my life.
In the bone dry deserts, in the scorching sun,
It is the mirage, it is the chase,
That keeps me alive.
I do not mind chasing the mirages –
They are better than the scorpions,
The cactus, the cruel-hot sand,
The loneliness, the despair; my mirages
Are always teeming with life.
I am not the only one, chasing the mirages.
Fellow travelers meet at night
And tell each other of their visions
Of beautiful maidens, of lotus ponds,
Of music, life and love.
I shall never give up, chasing the mirages
For what else is there to do?
Why should I hunt the rat for a morsel,
Or dig that dry well once again,
Just to keep alive?
It is far better, chasing the mirages
Than looting the terrified caravans.
Mirages are the poetry of dreams,
The music of the soul, they keep alive,
The banner of hope.
I have been lucky, chasing the mirages.
Sometimes I find a small pond,
And sometimes a solitary palm tree –
Once I even found love,
Behind the huge sand dune.
I am at peace, while chasing the mirages –
I do not doubt my dreams. The minars
Of my palaces touch the heavens
The gardens are lush, and the music
Comes directly from the soul.
I have been warned against chasing the mirages.
“The palm trees, the palaces, the lakes that you see,
Are only your dreams, your desires,” they say,
Knowing not that without these dreams,
The deserts cannot have life.
I am never afraid, chasing the mirages
My visions are vivid, my faith is strong.
Those who say I am completely lost,
Know not, that the journey of life
Is travelled without maps.
When I will reach my destination, chasing the mirages
I shall laugh at those who doubt, and say
“What seemed water from afar,
Is all milk and honey. Do not dig holes –
You should rather, chase the mirages.”

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2 responses to “Chasing the mirages

  • Ranjana

    Loved reading your poetry Abhishek ! So true of the life we live .. The mirage is like a ray of light in times of complete darkness.. A hope of better times to come..

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