The grand symphony

Days and night follow each other
On a regular beat, like armies
On a drill. Obsessed, unwavering,
They seem to prepare, to move,
Towards a spectacular climax.
The dance of life – the sowing
And the reaping, the getting born
And the dying – is performed
With a regularity and a rhythm
Befitting a grand orchestra.
The moss in the ocean, the sea storm,
The forgotten rock and the yellow flower
In the valley that no one has ever seen –
All play their part, and yet
Are clueless of the cosmic script.
The Moon waxes and wanes
And plays hide and seek
On the beautiful starry sky.
Is it all a show? Is it a play
That will last till eternity?
The regular beats of the waves
The music of the mountain streams
The thunder, the volcanoes,
The chirp-chirp, the tweet-tweet –
Who directs this symphony?
There is no gain or loss,
There is no audience or applause
Or a beginning or an interval –
Will there be a moral at the end?
Is there a story, will there be an end?

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