Television: A cautionary tale

Have you ever seen a monster
Gobbling up its victim?
No? You live in wrong times.
Ok. Have you seen a television
Watching your child,
Like a hypnotist, casting his spell?
I saw a look on the face
Of television, that sent
Shudders down my spine.
All intent and focused,
Its face glowing in amber light,
Flickering, but unblinking,
It looked like a snake,
Or a ruby kept in an evil magician’s den,
Ready to pounce on the kid
And devour him, whole.
The spell cast by the evil creature
Had worked. As I tried
To switch off the beast, to stop
Its oxygen, and choke it to death,
It was my child, the poor victim,
Who flung the pillow at me,
Cried, and threw his legs in the air
And fought to save the monster.
Let this sad tale be a lesson
To those who succumb to the wily charms
Of television.

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2 responses to “Television: A cautionary tale

  • Mrigank Dwivedi

    Oh that’s why we are not getting poor victim’s illustration since several posts.

  • Abhishek

    Tintin is hopeless at times. These days CID craze has gripped him. He cannot be seen without his guns and binoculars. Last night he saw CID awards till 12.30. As for illustration for this one, he has gone to school, or he might have consented – all depends on whether he likes the theme 🙂

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