A hollow victory (Thoughts on Sachin’s landmark)

Why did his face show no joy
As he reached the rampart?
Why was the taste of success so bitter?
Why were the tears that flowed, not of joy?
The effort, the pain, the loneliness,
The ridicule, the thousand failures –
Had the victory called for too much
Sacrifice? When did the bargain sour?
Did the people who raise the sword
To celebrate his victory,
Know that he would rather
Not embark on this journey again?
Would the loved ones, left behind
And those who passed away
Alone, while he marched on,
Forgive him for his selfishness?
Why did the freedom fighters feel
That the victory was not worth
The celebrations? Who was it that stole
Their victory? Who had planted the doubts?
Did the empire, built on the corpses
Of the Romans, built by the blood
Of the slaves, really fulfill
The dreams of Romus and Romulus?
Arjuna lost his family, his peace, his world
For this victory. Do those who hear his story
And seek to follow his heroics know
That he did it only because it was his duty?

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