My faith is all messed up

There are millions of Gods
That I believe in; hundreds
Of miracles happen around me
Everyday. There are the temples,
The flowers, the wonders of nature,
The children –
And yet, I see nothing
When I squeeze my eyes tight,
And look for the Godhead
That shines as bright as a million stars,
Or look at the grain of sand, seeking
To see the universe in it.
I am beseeched by doubts.
All these books, all the learning,
All the discourses of the saints,
My religion, even my senses,
All the experiences of my life –
Compete, clamor and come in the way.
Where is the faith, which they say
Is the boat on which we cross
The ocean of darkness?
Where is the divine music, the quiet,
The silence in which, we are told
We can hear our soul?

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