Catch the stars, while you can

It is easy to catch the stars
When you are young. There is
A secret spring in your feet that helps
You jump to the sky and catch
The stars before they blink.
You can play with dreams
While you are young. Dreams
Like to run around, all over the place
And make noises. Dreams also like
To play catch me if you can.
You can sit on a rainbow and watch
The city, when you are young. Rainbows
Are delicate and support the weight
Of small children only. You can throw
Colors at the city, while you are up there.
You can build sturdy paper boats
Only when you are young. These boats
Can travel on the streets or in the drains
They can become warships or pirate boats –
They just like to sail – they are not fussy.
You can be friends with the evening
When you are young. This old man
Likes to walk slowly in the park, and tell
Horror stories about the night.
He knows many fairies and witches too.
You can get gifts from Santa
Only when you are young. Santa
Is shy – he casts spells on the parents
Who see him, making them forget.
Santa knows a lot of magic, you know.
You can easily conquer the world
While you are young. The world
Does not mind being conquered
By love. It only needs innocence
To bring the world on its knees.

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2 responses to “Catch the stars, while you can

  • V.B. Arora

    Beautiful poem! I know, you will like to do it yourself but if you ever decide to outsource the Hindi translation of your poems, you must give me the first chance!! 🙂

  • Onkar

    Lovely poem, Abhishek. And don’t take VBA seriously. He makes the same promise to everyone who is capable of translating his English poems into Hindi.

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