Be careful with moments, they are precious

Lately, I have been searching for the moments
That I lost, years ago. I was young and foolish –
I did not know their value then. I did not know
That moments are rare, that they are precious.
I did not know that moments come but once
In a lifetime, that they fade easily. I did not know
That they have to be kept carefully, covered
In a velvet cloth, in jewel boxes, inside the almirah.
I did not know that moments should be taken out
And worn, before the mirror, or shown to the family,
And kept back again. They are delicate –
One cannot be too careful with them.
Moments are small – they get misplaced so easily.
Sometimes, like autumn leaves, they fall
So silently in life, that if you are not careful,
You may tred on them and crush them.
These days I often go back to my home,
To the gardens of my childhood, searching
For those lost moments. Among the rusting old things
I hunt for the lost whispers, the smiles, the tears.
The other day, I found the old wooden bow –
It still has some red paint on it – that dad gave me
On my fourth birthday. But the moments when
I used to chase the demons with it, are lost.
I found the small black and white photos
That shows me sitting on my mother’s lap.
But the moment when dad had clicked
That snap is now nowhere to be found.
The other day I was looking at my marriage album –
And found two strangers staring back.
But my search for the moment when, I had looked
Shyly at her, and she had glared back, is lost.
Moments are delicate, they are difficult to keep.
They ruin easily – one wrong word, or even
A little neglect, turns them to dust. Be very careful
With moments – once lost, they cannot be found again.

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