Counting my losses

I built fences around my garden
I built shades to keep the sun out;
Brick by brick I made my house
Brick by brick I made my prison.
It took toil and labor, sweat and blood
I spent my life to woo success;
Bit by bit I achieved my goals,
Bit by bit I lost my self.
I read the masters to gain knowledge
I listened to the wise-men for clarity;
Gaining experience, I lost my innocence
Gaining wisdom, I lost my beliefs.
I lived my life painting dreams on water
I chased rainbows all my life;
Drop by drop, I used up my moments
Drop by drop, my life melts away.

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One response to “Counting my losses

  • Senthil

    The poem gives me a feeling that fifteen years of work has transformed you into Agastya Sen of English August- disillusioned with life and work. I was reading a book written by a Christian preacher and a line from it seems to be appropriate for your current state : ” I am not where i need to be, but thank god i am not where i used to be. i am okay and i am on my way ” . I am no sure whether I interpreted the source of inspiration for you to pen this poem, but I must tell you that I have been reading your posts and poetry regularly and all the years in bureaucracy has unleashed your creative spirits. Keep the posts going, Missing updates on Mr. A

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