Dreamers, rule the world

Look beyond the horizons, and dream big –
For the dreamers shall rule the world.
For too long has the world remained silent –
Sing the songs of your love, set it free.
Drink the vastness of life with your eyes,
Hold its beauty within your hands.
Let not the walls of security imprison you,
Break free – a borderless world beckons you.
Make your brush, fill the world with colors,
Paint red and yellow and blue, this dark grey sky.
Battles are won by courage, by imagination,
Let not the might of your misfortune deter you.
Behind every corner lies an adventure, a mystery;
Live like a child – foolish, curious and free.
Banish the fear of the known, of the unknown,
Trust only in your dreams, and you shall rule the world.

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I will let the blog speak for itself...or, at times, for me. View all posts by Abhishek

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