The time to choose is near

Be prepared, the time to choose is near –
Join the marching armies, and have your petty loot,
Or stay back to hear the cries of the widows,
Or to see the blank stares of the orphans.
Be prepared to choose between rival greeds –
Who will play their games with gullible pawns,
Who will use the scriptures and the maps,
And the tanks and the shiny airplanes.
Be prepared, soon it will be treason to think –
Switch on the TV, read the newspapers,
Let hypocrisy, bitterness and falsehood
Prevail over sanity, over humanity.
Be prepared to be misled by yourself –
The eyes shall not see beyond the darkness,
The ears will hear only the thundering planes
And your heart shall not beat for love.
Be prepared to rage against the enemy –
And to send your sons to slaughter,
And to not know why it was necessary
To have all your dreams destroyed.
Be prepared to face your friends, and to choose
To kill or be killed. Those who shall let loose
The dogs of war, will be your only friends.
Be prepared to give the tests of your loyalty.

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5 responses to “The time to choose is near

  • V.B. Arora

    कमाल कविता है!! अमेरिका की दादागिरी अब जब ईरान की तरफ रुख कर रही है तो ये कविता बहुत सामयिक बन पड़ी है! मेरे फोंट्स इस समय हिंदी में लगे थे, मैंने वही चलने दिए!

    • Abhishek

      Thanks. India is caught in the tensions, so use of Hindi is only logical here 🙂 Indeed, the inspiration was Iran-US tension, and the distant rumblings of war.

    • Sudhir

      In 2001 when 9/11 came a number of persons resorted to the 16 century predictions by Nostradamus as a beginning of WW3. Some reacted as a fresh spring of Conflict of Civilizations….I am not desperate…but recalls Albert Ienstine who sometimes in late 1940’s said…don’t ask me of III big war…I can only say that in the WW4 we(the remaining human species) will retreat to the primitive age— of fighting with stones and nails… are we not heading for that…

  • Nanu

    It portrays reality of the day !

  • Onkar

    For me, this is a poem that brings out the horror of war – the impending doom. I am reminded of the genocide in Rwanda, Iraq and Croatia. These are recent happenings and if you look back, there is no gain to anyone that you can think of. Lovely poem on lessons that we refuse to learn.

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