Such a long journey

Hold tight the hands of your friends
Sing your songs to them,
For they will not be there always –
It will be a long and lonely journey.
I fear certainty; I am suspicious
Of happiness. They are the imposters
That you sometimes meet
On a long journey.
Whenever I pause, I waiver,
My friend, the road, calls me, says,
‘Travel while the good times last,
You still have a long way to go on your journey.’
It has been too long since I left my home
Even the memories have faded.
Now I do no remember why
I undertook this long journey.
I do not keep extra shoes
They too will not last.
I have toughened my soles
For this long journey.
On the lonely road, with not a soul in sight
The faded, ancient milestone
Reminds me of the miles I still have to go
On this long journey.
I collect tears, and the memories of the smiles
I remember the stray kindness on the road –
They are my only companions
On lonely nights, on my long journey.
Nobody writes to me, or calls me back.
I don’t write letters – I have no one to post them to.
It is not by choice that I have come
On this lonely journey.
I have since forgotten all that I was taught.
I read the stars to know my way, and
The birds tell me of the coming storms
On my long journey.
When I am lost in crowded bazaars, and
Pine for the loneliness of the moors
The heart says, ‘These crowds will not last
On this lonely journey.’
The deep blue eyes, the silken tresses,
Are not for me. These curvy roads
Will be my only companion
On my long, lonely journey.
I do not blame the thieves or the storms,
For my hardships.
They did not lure me
To undertake this long journey.
The oppressive deserts, the stormy seas
Are not my enemies. I share with them
My intimate thoughts when I feel lonely,
On my long journey.
The bandits feed me, the wild animals
Let me pass by. I made lots of friends,
And I found much love –
On this long journey.
It will soon be day-break
The caravans will go their way.
Prepare to embark alone
On your long journey.
A bottle of water, the next meal,
And a song of the road on my lips-
That is all that I will need
To complete this long journey.
The gilded roads and the stony paths
Are all the same to me. I have got used
To the deserts, the seas and the forests
On this long journey.
The books and the learning
Do not matter. All that I will need
Is courage, and a steady heart
On this long journey.
Trust no one, mistrust no one –
You will find lot of travelers on the way.
Have faith only in yourself
On this long journey.
There will be no horses or carts
Sometimes not even roads or maps.
Trust only your feet, and find your own way
On this long journey.
No palace or hut, no city or village
Attracts me for long.
I am still seeking my destination
To end this long journey.
Do not ask for directions, or maps –
There is no one who knows the way.
Make your own way, as you go along
On this long journey.
The trees bent to give me fruits
And the rivers changed course
To quench my thirst. I have seen
Many miracles happen, on this long journey.
There will be misery in dreary deserts-
Also, there will be oasis and caravans;
Such things do happen
On such a long journey.
Beautiful shells, smooth pebbles,
Diamonds the size of stones. I collected,
I carried them, I threw them away,
On this long, difficult journey.
I listened to lots of wise men on the way
They all agree with each other, and say
‘No one knows what comes at the end
Of this long journey.’
The caravan was destroyed, and those
Who lost hope have left. Have courage
To travel alone. You still have a long way to go
On this long journey.
Travel light, do not keep provisions;
Do not burden yourself with trifles-
Nothing will be of much use
On such a long journey.
Where will this journey end, if not in death?
And who knows whether
Even death will bring to an end
This long journey?

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