Life is flying kites, playing marbles –
It is a hug, a pillow fight, a thank you.
Life is falling down and getting up
Of making mistakes and feeling sorry.


Life is a dream, a hope –
It is the song that the heart hums.
Life is the poem that is written
In the letters that are not posted.


Life is making rash promises.
It is the fluttering of the heart
At the shy glances, at the quivering lips.
Life is hearing you say ‘I love you’.


Life is seeing the sun melt
Into the ocean, drop by drop.
Life is chasing the rainbow
And wondering how to climb it.


Life is the hot summer sun,
It is the burning desert sand.
Life is the cool raindrops
That caresses the trees back to life.


Life is the beggar’s piteous look
It is the murderer’s bloodthirsty glare.
Life is the new born’s first cry
It is also the old man’s silent tears.


Life is defeat, sweat and blood
It is the pain, the humiliation.
Life is the aching desire –
It is the blessing, the gift, the fulfillment.


Life is a word, a touch, a look.
It is a prayer, a wish, a wait.
Life is that moment of peace
When silence sings and melts the heart.


Life is the triumphant march
With the friends and followers.
Life is the rout, the exile, the loneliness.
It is also the resolve, it is the redemption.


Life is not to be read or told –
It is to be lived. Life does not bargain,
Or cheat, or keep accounts –
Life is just a moment – to be lived.



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