The Sham Ruler

The world loves and hates me
I am the sham,
That rules the world.


Few can emulate me, though
Many try. Few can match
My hypocrisy.


I am the matrix, the simulacrum
I am the goal, the dream
That you always dream.


I am the image you want to see
When you look, hopefully,
At the mirror.


I am the fashion statement
I am the chimera, the glitter
That dazzles you.


I am greedy, self-obsessed
The world pays homage
To my confidence.


I am corrupt, I am a leech
I have mastered the art
Of being your master.


I am the hunter. I prey
On your hard work and dreams.
I own success.


Though you may rant and rave
You don’t have the gumption
To call my bluff.


I am the self declared success
That you cannot question
With your cowardice.


I am flexible, I am a chameleon.
I change and chop myself –
And you can’t.


My cowardice is a strategy
My survival is the key –
The brave die for me.


I get you the weapons
For my battles. I negotiate
Over dead bodies.


I snatch, I steal and I always
Get my way. And anyways –
I make the laws.


I have the banks, the money.
And when I have don’t
I print more.


I have no friends, no enemies
I am loyal to none –
Save myself.




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