The bangles

These bangles match your dress
I selected them for you carefully,
These red and blue orbs are delicate,
Take care, put them on gently.
My heart is of flesh and blood –
It is used to your cruelty,
But these bangles that I got
Are my dreams, they break easily.
Your bangles glitter and shine –
They compliment you beautifully,
You look innocent and frail
They mask your nature completely.
As the bangles catch the sunlight
They sparkle and look lovely;
Dressed in your beauty, you smile
You look unattainable, heavenly.
Though you don’t like the bangles now
Do not throw them away disdainfully,
Years from now, they will remind you
Of your beauty, of my loyalty.
Some old letters and the bangles
That you had kept away secretly –
Do you still open that box,
Whenever you are lonely?

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