The Wise Man from the West

There was great excitement
As the cry went around –
‘A Wise Man from the West
Has come to the house.’


Old men, learned men, children
Of all ages, women and servants
Gathered around the gentleman,
With high expectations.


The Wise Man smiled, and nodded –
“Be happy. Always smile,” he said.
And, as if to make himself clear,
Beamed with happiness.


The gathering waited, patiently,
For the gentleman to move on
To elucidate, to elaborate
And to reveal The Great Secrets.


But the Wise Man did not seem
To want to reveal all. He just smiled.
By and by, the throng became edgy,
Irritable and restless.


A learned man, wishing to provoke,
To draw him in an argument, said –
“The Spirit and the Universe,
Are not one!”


This did not perturb the Wise Man.
It seemed as if it did not matter, whether
The Spirit and the Universe
Were one, or not!


“Love all beings, and be happy,”
Replied the Wise Man. The learned
Asked each other doubtfully,
“Is he referring to Shankaracharya?”


No prodding or provocation,
Would move the Wise Man from the West.
He nodded, beamed, and just repeated –
“Smile, and be happy.”


The learned, and the women were upset –
‘Fraud,’ muttered some, ‘Secretive,’ said the others.
But the children were happy. For days they sang –
‘Wise Man looks funny; Wise Man gives toffees.’





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