A mistake

I made a bad deal
When I gave my heart for a smile –
Now I have neither.
I should not have
Etched your name on my heart –
They say, it cannot be erased now.
It was silly of me
To forget myself in your love –
I am searching for myself now.
It was wrong to plant
Roses on the path to my house –
No one comes here now.
It was a bad idea
To listen to you sing for so long –
Your silence deafens me now.
We roamed the world
Hand in hand. There is no one
To show me the way now.
Having drunk from your eyes
The divine nectar,
How do I quench my thirst now?
I wasted my youth
Reading to you, to hear you laugh –
What book should I read now?
I would not be a poet
But for your eyes, your tresses, your lips –
On what should I write now?
I laughed at the world
With you, and ignored the divine –
How can I go to them now?
It was a waste of time
To write this letter –
Where should I post it now?

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