The kite

I had never seen a more beautiful kite before.
It had yellow and green stripes,
And a golden tail.
The kite complemented the orange and blue
Of the clear evening sky.
Someone, I know not who, many roofs away,
Was flying this kite.
It soared high, flapped and swayed,
But sometimes flew too close to the branches
Of the large peepal tree.
Every time the kite whooshed close to me
My heart whooshed back in delight
As if asking for a ride.
But whenever it got near the peepal tree,
The heart skipped a beat, and was annoyed.
The sky slowly changed its colour to darker hues
And the breeze turned chilly.
The birds flew back to their nests,
The kite came down swaying, reluctant,
And disappeared behind the tall houses.
I don’t get time to watch flying kites these days.
But as I see my little one play,
I remember that green-yellow kite
Soaring, diving, gliding – and my heart
Still goes whoosh, and misses beats and gets annoyed.

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