The final dusk

The Sun slowly eases into the sea
One final time.
The glow of the orange ball is extinguished
And a blanket of darkness
Envelopes the world in its cold womb.
The whoosh-whoosh of the waves, and all music
Are now silent.
The creatures of darkness, the underworld,
Can now crawl around everywhere –
The world in not for us anymore.
The end came slowly, tamely, silently,
With not even a whimper.
The celestial orbs glow in distant galaxies
But light, happiness, laughter and innocence
Have been laid to rest for us.
The world was good – while it lasted
But everything has an end.
Had we known the end to be so close
We would have looked at ourselves, our arts, our cities
Lovingly, carefully, without judging, one last time.
All love, hate, sacrifices and jealousies
Are not even memories now.
Nothing lies beyond. There is no one to rejoice
The fall of that cruel dictator, Time.
A blanket of eternal silence now covers the world.

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One response to “The final dusk

  • Vibhu

    The opening Line, “The Sun (slowly) eases into the sea – one final time” promises a lot. Though perhaps it could not hold itself. The ‘effort’ is showing and it is taking away something from the poem which could have been a great creation like some of your previous poems.
    And you could perhaps have done better without using pronouns (we/us).


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