Sitting in the dark, groping
For a toy, or a hand
To pass the time, till the lights comes on.


Flailing hands, wordless cries
Struggling to awaken, knowing
It is only a dream you are dreaming.


Desperately pressing the brake
Hurtling towards the abyss, hoping
There will be someone to smile and make it good.


Remembering the struggles and victories
The whoops of joy, and the speeches
That you knew all along were phony.


Feeling sorry, and stupid and helpless,
At the understandings that mock you
Knowing it is useless to talk of them now.


Blankly looking at the children
Not knowing how to share the love
That they will feel only much later.


Glancing around, trying to embrace it all
Not to find love, or understanding –
But with the hope that memories live forever.

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