A silent coup took place few years back – Mawsynram displaced Cheerapunji as the wettest place on earth. And with this, Mawsynram managed to poach on the few tourists that come to the region. Both are located at similar distance from Shillong – about two hours drive. Both have stunning views on the way as well as amazing caves full of stalagmites, stalactites and bats.

Developed by the Britishers, and remarked for being something like Scotland in its beauty, Meghalaya is one of the prettiest places in India. Shillong is however not as beautiful as it once was, or can be, but all around it, the natural beauty is breathtaking. Even for an extended tour of 5 days, one would not have a dearth of new places to explore.

Elephant falls, Bara Pani and Shillong peak are virtually within the city itself, and are great spots for photography. Jakrem, Ranikor, Jowai, Mawsynram and Cheerapunji can each be covered within a day from Shillong – and all are worth visiting.

Just a thought before I sign off – see ‘Avatar’ movie before you venture to the region. Though not directly attacked by development so far, the beauty of the region will also come under the threat of development sooner or later. The highlight for me was the fact that nowhere else in India can I see the ‘cleanest village in Asia’ and a ‘living root bridge’ (which is in the ‘sacred forest’ of Mawphlang). The culture of Khasis, and of the numerous other tribes of the region, is a living heritage, and should be savored till it lasts.





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One response to “Shillong

  • Vibhu

    Well-written piece.

    As you have said, “the region will come under the threat of development sooner or later” – I am tempted to say that you could have considered keeping the word “development” in quotes!

    But then you (supported by Sharat) will say that people do not see broader picture. 🙂

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