The forts and palaces of Jaipur (like the Red Fort of Delhi) are anachronistic and seem artificial. The cultural distance between the people who lived in those palaces and those living all around that place today is just too vast.

Udiapur, in contrast, is having best of both the worlds – at least that’s how it looks to a casual tourist. The people still sport the manners of the last century; the un-spoilt natural beauty of lakes and forests, manageable traffic and the even pace of life lend credibility to its forts, gardens and palaces. What is more, you can even live in such palaces and havelis and experience firsthand the life of prince and princesses!

It has helped that Maharana Pratap, one of our greatest historical heroes belonged to this region, and his family still occupies a key place in its society. The stories of Mira bai and Panna Dhai are linked to the father of Pratap and among his ancestors were Rana Sanga and Rana Kumbha – this comes as a surprise to any Indian visitor and lends a special aura to the place.

Udiapur (along with Haldighati and Kumbhalgarh Fort excursions) is one of the best places to give an early exposure of Indian history to the children…as also to revisit your childhood heroes. Definitely recommended.


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