Too many photographers, too easy to handle cameras, too much opportunity to display the ‘best shots’ and too many ‘subjects’ – it is a time of change for photography.
Everyone is a photographer now- there can be no exclusivity and snobbery, no pretentions of high art about it. Your shot is almost as good as the award-winning photographers’. To the untrained eye, that ‘almost’ is non-existent in any case.
Remember the time when you would have been lucky to catch hold of people to show your hard-bound travel/marriage/artistic albums? You have a readymade gallery in social networking or photo sharing sites today.
As a closet photographer I am happy- that’s how it should be.
It is like the printed books reaching the common man when the printing press was invented. But where all this will lead to, is something that remains unclear. Books revolutionized the way we thought, but will this taking and posting of photographs on social networks lead to something significant? Any thoughts?

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